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A complete solution for Caterers serving food on a daily basis/for functions. Right from Order Management, Advance Payments, Inventory Management, Food Preparation, Billing, Food Costing till Profitability Analysis for every order.
A complete solution for Hotels/Lodges/Service Apartments/Hostels with or without Restaurant. Management of Rooms, Food & Beverage outlets, Stores, Housekeeping with accounting integration to Tally, Electricity, Door Lock, WiFi, Camera, Scanner, Finger Print, SMS, Whatsapp, Channel Manager Integrations available.
A complete billing module for any type of retails sales, with option to Stock/Inventory, Customer Relationship Management, SMS, Barcode Scanning and Bar Code Label printing. Can fit a small grocery or a Super Market. Optional Tally Integration available.
A complete solution for Ticket Agents and Export Cargo handlers. Includes third party purchase, billing clients with options for Air and Sea Cargo separately. Timely Alerts to Management for Passport/Visa Renewals.
A complete solution for Chit/Fund business suitable for Financiers, Grocers, Bakeries, Sweet Shops, Textiles etc. Monthly Subscription Collection, Timely Alerts by SMS, Distribution at the end of Subscription period with bank reconciliation available.
Solution for Restaurants with Computer or Tab. Easy fast billing options with KOT generation and tallying at the end of the day. Available with SMS alerts to management, option for Purchase and Sales of Beverages. Add-on Inventory module, Costing also available.
Solution for Bakery Chains for procurement of raw materials based on indents received from shops with pre-planning for festive seasons, Delivery of goods to shops in time, Returns from shops accounting, and maintenance of current stock level in shops.
Solution to maintain Customer database for any Retail shop with option to record feedback, alerts/info propagation in time through SMS/Email/Whatsapp and analysis of their frequency of visits/purchases made. Option to timely schemes based on points/referral available.
Solution to Vegetable/Fruit wholesalers with Cash and Credit Sales, purchases, maintaining inventory and preparation of Patti (Settlement to suppliers) based on the average sales made. Purchases based on lots and lot wise profitability analysis, Supplier wise profitability and option to carry forward stock for next day sales after Day end procedure.
Solution to effectively manage a Gym including Subscription/Membership, daily attendance maintenance including finger print/RFID integration, Alerts to members for renewals/attendance/schemes, Options for membership transfer and daily reports to management on collections/attendance.
Solution to Clinics which performs Minor procedures on patients with reviews to maintain patient records including past history, tests conducted with their results, operation summary, followup reviews with timely remainders to patients. Option of search the database exhaustively based on procedures, symptoms, diseases also included.
Online Competition Management System
Kalpavruksha IT Solutions has developed a robust online application for hosting Online Competition and Management of the same. The System consists of Website Design, Hosting, Enrollment of Participants, acknowledging enrollment, Creation of a dynamic link for individual uploading of creative in a secured way, be it image, audio or video, Uploading of the creative, Setting up deadlines, payment gateway integration (optional), Creating Judgment Panel, Judge Panel visibility with restricted info and rating/scoring options, Consolidation of the results to finalize on the Winners/Runners based on multiple criteria and Automatic alert mechanism by SMS/Email for remainders, info, results etc. with a manual override function.  

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